What are my rental payment options?

Cash, credit, debit card, certified check, money order.


Can I make my payment with a personal check?

No, we do not accept personal checks.


Can I make my payment at any location?

Yes, click here  to see our locations and addresses.


Can I make my payment by phone?

Yes, with any credit or debit card.


Can I mail in my payment?

Yes, it must arrive at store within 2 days of due date to avoid late fee.


Who should I speak with about employment opportunities?

The Store Manager at the store nearest you. Click here to visit our career center.


What if I don’t see what I want?

Ask if we are able to special order.


Who can I speak to about a specific problem at a store?

The Store Manager at the location or the District Manager for that location.


What are my purchase options for the items I rent?

1. 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH, (Resorts to early buyout options after 90 days)

2. Early buyout option

3. Full term rent.


Understanding my account, how does it work?

Click here to view detailed account explanation and terms of service.