Rental Account Terms

• No Credit Needed

• FREE Delivery & Set-up

• Weekly and Monthly Rentals

• Quality, Name-Brand Products

• 90 Days Same As Cash


Why Rent From Us?

All current accounts receive the following benefits and options:

90 Days Same As Cash — This option still available even when you choose to rent.

Full Maintenance — We Provide 100% Maintenance Coverage on every single item that we have on rent. This includes all maintenance issues beyond normal wear and tear. Everything from batteries for your remote to a new compressor in your freezer all at no additional cost to you.

Free Loaners — If we are unable to fix or repair your problem, we will bring you a loaner to use until we can have your original item back to you in good working order. All at no additional cost to you.

Swap-Out Option — If you decide at any time during the term of the Rental Agreement that you would like to swap your current item for another color or style, then we will be glad to cancel the current agreement, pick-up the merchandise and deliver the new merchandise on a new rental agreement. All at no additional cost to you.

Right to Return — You may cancel a Rental Agreement at any time as long as your account is not Past-Due, and you have returned all items undamaged. Then your agreement will be cancelled, and all items will be picked-up from your house or business. All at no additional cost to you.

No Deposit — No Deposit is required to Rent any In-Stock Merchandise. You simply complete the order form, pick out the desired items off our show room floor, pay for the first rental period and then sign the Rental Agreement.

No Credit Check — We Never require a credit check to do business with us. If you have had credit problems in the past, then think of us as a place where you can start with a clean slate. We’ll even give out credit references based on your payment history if you so desire. START REBUILDING YOUR CREDIT TODAY!

Free Delivery and Set-Up! — ON ANY NEW RENTAL AGREEMENT

Early Buy-Out Option — It’s no secret that renting can sometimes end up costing you more money. Depending on how many of our included services you need to take advantage of, renting can be cheaper than buying on the spot. If during the term of the agreement you decide that you no longer wish to rent the item but would rather pay it off in one lump sum, simply take 45% off of the remaining rental payments that are left on your account and add sales tax. It’s that easy. (Past Due payments are not discounted during early buyout).

Choose Your Payment Option — You can choose to have your account due weekly, Biweekly, Semi-Monthly, or monthly. You can even fluctuate back and forth — it’s all up to you.